Day: November 18, 2018

Kids and Technology: Helping to Learn at Home

It is very important for parents to monitor and limit their kids’ screen time. Smart use of technology can promote better learning. Tech can offer wonderful learning aids for kids even when they are at home. For homeschooled children technology in the form of video, lectures can be beneficial. For the kids attending regular school, tech can be used as a supplementary learning tool both at home and in school.

Parental guidance

Allowing kids to use the gadgets for playing a learning game or to watch informative videos is good provided it takes place under parental guidance. The active involvement of the parents and teachers can promote the best use of technology in education. For the younger kids watching videos of say nursery rhymes or storytelling, parents joining the activity and singing along with the child will help improve the child’s communication skills. This can lead to an interactive learning environment which the kids would love to explore.

What all can the children be exposed to?

There are syllabus based learning aids like the plenty of tools available to help kids learn phonics. These tools can also help parents sharpen and revise their skills so as to help their kids learn. Then there are simple games with puzzles and other formats that help learn the concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, alphabets, and also help them identify objects. The attractive graphics and the chimes in the background get the kids’ attention and keep them engaged.

Precautions to take

Parental controls are to be set so as to ensure the child’s online safety. The safest option would be to make an offline copy available and set a kid’s mode in the smartphone where the child cannot access other apps. While you allow your children to learn from such personalized learning tools it is also important to expose them to the other age-appropriate toys. For more ideas on what to buy for your kids visit StarWalkKids website.…