Month: December 2018

Revealed: Here’s the Tech That Could Save Diesel

Vehicle pollution increases Carbon emissions and adds further to the environmental woes.  Though car manufacturers try to reduce this by improving internal combustion features in the car, there is always a scope for further improvement.  Read on to know about the technology that could save diesel:

Compression:  Latest technology has enabled the elimination of the usage of the spark plug.  Instead, the compression technique is used for fuel ignition.  This enables the engine to perform better and the emissions are less.

Using quality spares:  By changing a few spares you can not only prolong the life of the car but increase the engine performance and save fuel.  For replacing the spares, you can always rely on car parts from 247spares.  These come with unbeatable quality.  This will also prevent leakages and reduce the wear and tear to a certain extent.  Always compare prices and check whether the spares are genuine when you buy spares to get the best spares.  Ensure you handle the car efficiently and drive at the optimal speed as suggested by the manufacturer.  Vehicle maintenance will help in saving fuel.

Synthetic fuels:  Research has enabled the manufacture of synthetic fuel.  Carbon tapped from emissions is used in the manufacture of synthetic fuel.  It is an excellent solution for the reuse of carbon trapped in filters.  Since this fuel is manufactured from renewable energy it helps in reducing pollution.

Direct injection: Port injected fuel results in the mixing of air and fuel and reduces the efficiency of the engine.  Direct injection improves fuel efficiency manifold.  This has a more cooling effect on the engine and the engine does not get heated up.  This will improve efficiency and result in fuel saving.

Research is still on to find improved solutions for saving fuel and protecting the environment as well.  Though battery cars offer a good alternative to petrol and diesel cars, the manufacture of these causes severe pollution.

Food Tech: Five New Companies Helping You Eat Healthy

Have you ever considered what revolutionary changes the food industry has undergone in just a few decades? I know how our grandmothers never had a choice of eating out unless it was a potluck party or a picnic or when they went as guests to their friends or relatives. Apart from these, there was no concept of eating out leave alone ordering it home or a takeaway.

The unprecedented spurt in the restaurant and take away industry has happened only after fast foods were introduced in the country. Today, it is possible to call in food home via the internet, phone calls, or eat out without repeating the place or the menu even once in the whole year! Isn’t that amazing?!

Here are five companies that are an offspring of the same industry but they are here to help their patrons eat healthy food:

‘Pare Up’

This company is one which picks up all the food that will get expired in three days from restaurants and retails it directly to the customer at whopping discounts. They have clocked in great profits while freeing the hotel cabinets and at the same time stalling any wastage of food that in ordinary circumstances would end up in the garbage.

Keto one:

I knew that keto one looks promising from this review especially because I am a diehard keto fan and most days I run out of ideas to make keto food. This company not only specializes in selling keto friendly raw food but also can cater to cooked food!

Yeah, Dawg Kitchen:

A hot dog that is vegan but tastes like meat! Well, if you are up for it, they are only a call away. These meat substitute burgers are bigger juicier and tastier than before. You ought to grab them when they are launched soon!

Hot bread:

Are you into bread but are not happy with the ones that your local bakeries make? Here is a great alternative to at least fifty different types of bread and only one call away. They deliver free.

Restaurant ticketing service called ‘Tock’:

Have you thought of a prepaid restaurant system where you are already set for the day and the menu and you need t only show up with your guests maybe! It’s here and its hugely popular not just among the guests but also the hoteliers and we think it is a good sign for more things to come.