Month: January 2019

7 Smart Home Tricks That Are Actually Impressive

Smart home speakers, lights and appliances that can be operated from a distance, the faces of smart tech for the home are many. And all of these are intended to make your home more comfortable to live in and more secure as well. For all those who are new to the concept of smart home tech websites, like yoursmarthomeguide are of great help.

Auto trigger the internet connectivity

Turning on and turning off your Wi-Fi can be easily done with automatic triggers that you can set on your smartphone. There are plenty of apps that can help you define rules that help turn on or off connected devices based on the rules.

Automatic control of the thermostat

Automatic thermostats set the right temperature for you by observing your preferences. Also, you can turn on the air conditioner before stepping into your home after a tiring day.

Do not doubt whether you left the lights on

Controlling the lights and other appliances even when you are away from home is very much convenient.

Set the right mood

There are lights that come with multiple hues and they can also be synced with the television. So you set the right mood based on the show or movie you watch.

Find your phone

Finding your phone within the house is easier than ever before if you have a wearable device or a smart home speaker.

Make calls or get updates without lifting a finger

Reading messages from your phone, placing calls and checking emails are all very easy with the help of the smart home speakers today that come integrated with virtual assistants.

Use the big screen

Smart televisions make it possible to cast the mobile screen to the big screen. So all that you do on your smartphone you can conveniently access on a bigger screen.…

8 Tips for Creating Stunning Architecture Project Presentation

Use the below tips to create stunning architecture project presentation:

  1. White background: Use plain white background for the slides.  Many of us wrongly assume that dull colored backgrounds add to the beauty of the presentation.  But white makes the content more attractive.
  2. More colors in design: Add as much pleasant color combinations as possible when you show indoor layouts. Use to depict more greenery when you provide outdoor layouts.
  3. Minimize text: Replace text with pictures of plans, models.  Instead, include a wide range-like giving the same layout in 3 angles.  Instead of explaining a home layout with scope for skywatching, pictures in two different lightings will be more meaningful than trying to explain everything.  In short, the success of design depends on how beautifully it is presented.  If your design is as perfect as those provided by Draft Force Australia, your efforts to beautify the highlights of the design is more important.
  4. Present the layout in cross-section angle: Try to add more of cross section and aerial view of the layouts.  Especially when the design is for multi-storied buildings, this would magnify the majestic looks of the final outcome.
  5. Make the main attraction larger: You might have some unique exterior elevation in your design which is the main attraction.  Try to make the slides in such a way that you make this attraction look large.  That way you can grasp the attention to the point of emphasize.
  6. Audience-based: Make your presentation based on the target audience knowledge.  For common people, if you include more jargons they would lose interest and be confused.
  7. Ignore elaborating minute details: Do not overload your presentation with minute details.  It is better you ignore them.  Just focus on the main and important details.
  8. Add humor: Sprinkle some humor.  People will stay interested.  Add related imagination when speaking.  For example, you can spice up telling how things would look from the top floor of a skyscraper residential apartment etc.

8 Ways Your TV Is Making You Fat

As we are living in an advanced tech world, we have many different tech gadgets to entertain us and make us relax sometimes when we really stressed.  We also need some time to have fun and enjoyment and also want to spend some quality time with our family members and watching TV is the nice time we can get along with our family members so that we can spend some time with them.

You can enjoy and have fun in front of a TV but you have never thought about the side effects or the negative side of watching TV all throughout the day.  But it’s the time to wake up and say goodbye to the bad habits while watching TV on the entire day which makes us increase our weight indirectly.

Here are some of the ways of how your TV is making you gain weight considerably.

  • Stops mobility: Watching TV programmes make us sit in a single place and stops our mobility which is not at all a good sign for having a fit and strong body.
  • Increased eating of snack: It makes us build a habit of eating a snack which may be of fried ones, pop-corns, unhealthy food instead of focussing on keeping a low carb diet etc.
  • Eating the entire diet: Consumption of the entire meals for a day in front of TV becoming a huge problem for the parents since Children are the main focus of attraction of many TV programmes.  Even the older people get used to it in watching television programmes without having any break.
  • No time for physical exercises: Since they are watching TV programmes all throughout the day there is only a little or no time for doing any physical activity.
  • Sacrificing sleep: Some people often sacrifice their sleep and get involved in watching TV programmes continuously which also one of the reasons for increased weight.
  • No time for family: There is less family time for the older people as they are much involved in the TV programmes and they will not have an adequate time for spending along with their children.
  • Increases stress: It increases the stress level of the individual by watching too many programmes indirectly and also makes us a little bit lazy for not doing the work, and thus increases its side-effects.
  • Become an addiction: It becomes an addiction for the people to get away from the TV and other tech gadgets which make them a doll in front of a TV.

10 Best Painters Tools – Painting Tools to Help You Paint Like a Pro

People who love to paint their own house should have a few must-have tools at home which would make your job easier.  You would be thinking all you need is a brush, paint and a ladder. But there are many tools that are used while the job paint is done which makes the painting job less messy and easy to apply.  You could visit PSZ to get more ideas about it.

Tools for a paint job

Drywall tape knife- You could use the drywall tape knife if you don’t want to tape off the entire carpet or flooring. It acts as a painting guard.

Extension pole- This is essential for ceilings and high walls. The edges and painting rollers could be easily screwed into the pole.

Metal paint tray with hooks- The hooks will help the tray to be fixed onto the ladder. You could line the tray with plastic bags which will help in the easy cleanup.

Spray paint handle- It is an essential tool which helps in holding the spray can while you paint.

Purdy brushes- A 2.5 inch and 1-inch brush is all you need when you paint your home.

Paint stick- The paint stick helps in giving a fine finishing touch and it could be used if you have a time constraint.

Ladder- You can never reach all places while you paint. You need the help of a ladder to paint comfortably the walls.

Paintbrush cover- You could use the cover to put your brush when you take a break.  It will not allow the paint to dry upon the brush.

Non- slip drop clothes- These clothes helps in easy cleaning if you spill paint and also can be washed easily.

Paint mixing drill-  If you wish to thoroughly blend 2 different colors or mix old paint into a new one, you need to have the mixing drill attachment which mixes the paint nicely and makes it smooth.

Top Technology Used For Narcotics Detection

Drug smuggling is a huge issue when it comes to cross borders; Narcotic detection team has a tough task to ensure the law enforcement and the patrol agents are well equipped to handle highly risky situations. Controlled substances and drugs illegally smuggled are cracked and controlled by the Narcotics team, with cutting edge technology, there can be ways to find out from a distance with the vapor emitted by the drugs to be caught by the team when smuggled illegally.

Top Technology that helps

  • companies like the CSECO are in the business to ensure new technological changes with the equipment they handle for the team to detect illegal smuggling at various patrol points
  • the reliability of the products is important, as it is a matter of national interest, the Buster K910B Density Meter checks the item, without having to tear open the packets to check the items whether or not they are contraband is there,
  • once the anomaly is detected the material is further inspected to determine the banned substance or drug smuggled and supplied
  • the Vedioscope Inspection System gives a visual identification of the material that is a banned substance and is safe to use it even in the Laboratory
  • the Contraband detection kit includes both the vedioscope and the Density meter that allows the detection of banned drugs in a pile of dust and dirt where vision is limited

The modern gadget is well maintained by the agency for the detection of the controlled substances that often pass through the scanners in the airport, Read more about rehab here that are set up at the patrol points for human trafficking of drugs. Most of the carriers have started using humans to transport banned drugs, hence the rehab centers are necessary for them to be counseled to kick off the habit.…