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10 Best Painters Tools – Painting Tools to Help You Paint Like a Pro

People who love to paint their own house should have a few must-have tools at home which would make your job easier.  You would be thinking all you need is a brush, paint and a ladder. But there are many tools that are used while the job paint is done which makes the painting job less messy and easy to apply.  You could visit PSZ to get more ideas about it.

Tools for a paint job

Drywall tape knife- You could use the drywall tape knife if you don’t want to tape off the entire carpet or flooring. It acts as a painting guard.

Extension pole- This is essential for ceilings and high walls. The edges and painting rollers could be easily screwed into the pole.

Metal paint tray with hooks- The hooks will help the tray to be fixed onto the ladder. You could line the tray with plastic bags which will help in the easy cleanup.

Spray paint handle- It is an essential tool which helps in holding the spray can while you paint.

Purdy brushes- A 2.5 inch and 1-inch brush is all you need when you paint your home.

Paint stick- The paint stick helps in giving a fine finishing touch and it could be used if you have a time constraint.

Ladder- You can never reach all places while you paint. You need the help of a ladder to paint comfortably the walls.

Paintbrush cover- You could use the cover to put your brush when you take a break.  It will not allow the paint to dry upon the brush.

Non- slip drop clothes- These clothes helps in easy cleaning if you spill paint and also can be washed easily.

Paint mixing drill-  If you wish to thoroughly blend 2 different colors or mix old paint into a new one, you need to have the mixing drill attachment which mixes the paint nicely and makes it smooth.