The 7 Main Ways Technology Impacts Your Daily Life

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Technology impacts our life in following 7 main ways:

How we communicate:  There is a sea change in the way we communicate.  The wide use of smart mobile phones, email, social networking apps not only change the way we communicate.  These also help in fast communication.

How we travel:  Lengthy queues are replaced by online ticket booking.  Using comparison websites hotel stay is bargained online and made cheaper.  Even for short travels, we can use the taxi booking apps.  There are new modes of transport like hoverboards.

How we get well soon:  Technology has given powerful medicines and vaccines.  As a result, the whole world experiences improved longevity.  Advancements in the ways of treatment like keyhole surgeries, organ transplants etc save many lives.

How we live:    Life is made easy by multiple home appliances.  Right from cooking to cleaning and washing there is no need to work hard.  Tiresome activities are made simple using technology. There is a wide range of entertainment in the form of iPod, video games etc.  Homes are made safe by web safety cameras.  Technology has changed the way we shop.  Next time when you buy discount Birkin bags online thinks of technology with a smile.

How we work:  Automation and robotics have improved production in factories and removed wastages and errors.  In the office atmosphere, right from copying till calculating, manual work stress is reduced due to technology.

How we study:  We can opt for any course in any university irrespective of geographical location by enrolling in online courses.  Technology has increased the fields of specialization manifold.  Nobody could have imagined new fields like robotics, Fashion-tech etc a few years back.

How we think:  Technology has influenced our way of thinking.  All these gadgets help in proper Planning.  Hence individuals are motivated to stay organized.  Wastage is a duplication of work and manual work is reduced highly.  Hence people are induced to work smart than to work hard.