Top 5 Tech Breakthroughs Bringing Clean Water to the Developing World

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Developing countries have various issues to tackle. One of the major issues affecting the health of the people in the developing countries is the non-availability of clean drinking water. There is water scarcity in several places with the dwindling water table. And in the places where there is water available, it is contaminated and unfit for drinking. Not everyone can bear the expenses of getting a sophisticated water purification system installed at home. To tackle these issues and to be able to supply clean drinking water to the developing countries in the world here are a few technologies that are being implemented.

  1. Using water from air is one way to do it. The method where water is extracted from air is prominently called water seer. Here the condensation of the air is used to provide water.
  2. A similar method is to trap fog and condense it to water. This is possible in those places where there is dense fog present. And during the colder months, this is even more practical.
  3. The use of graphene filters is another growing method for water purification. This is also identified as one of the dependable ways to generate clean drinking water. This is a very efficient method of water filtration and treatment.
  4. Smart irrigation systems are tackling the issue of depletion of groundwater columns for agriculture. These systems work towards efficient utilization of the groundwater for the crops.
  5. There are more and more companies introducing the concept of compact mobile water treatment plants. This makes it possible to take water treatment facilities to any place that is lacking clean drinking water supply.

ClimateCounts website talks a lot about the clean and green living approach. There are plenty of ways in which we can work toward reducing pollution and thus prevent the contamination of natural water.